Monday, April 16, 2012

Being a bridesmaid can be a supremely body-shaming experience

"Brideorexia,” which was frequently used to refer to Kate Middleton‘s weight loss prior to her wedding, is a concerning enough phenomenon, but what about bridesmaidorexia? Being a bridesmaid can be a supremely body-shaming experience. A handful of women, usually of different shapes and sizes, all getting fitted together, and then trying to fit into the same (or similar) dresses, knowing full well that they will be standing next to each other, in front of a crowd, where their bodies will be on display. It’s not awesome as-is…and with the addition of pages upon pages of 14-year-old models in tiny sample-size gowns making pouty faces, it’s enough to put even a confident woman precariously close to a crash diet or other extreme weight loss solution."
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