Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sew Happy!

One of the things I day dreamed about while finishing my dissertation was fashion. In the January sales, I bought a lot of items online, only to find that the fit wasn't perfect. I still loved the items, and wanted to alter them, and so I thought if I could learn to machine sew, that I could alter clothes - and maybe even make clothes one day!
So I mentioned it to my family LOADS - seriously they are sick of hearing about it, and eventually my parents took the hint. For my birthday/finishing my dissertation, there is a machine sitting in my office!
Even as an ex-academic, I don't think I'll ever get over my propensity to research research research. I did an unreasonable amount of research into the type of machine I wanted/needed, brands, accessories, motor speed, needle type, stitches, bobbin tension, threading machines etc. But as a result I think I made a good choice.

Here is the factory picture of my new baby:
I managed to get it threaded correctly - I think - as my home ec training came back through muscle memory. I still have a ton of things I need to sort out though - how to wind the bobbin correctly, getting the tension right, stitch width and length control etc.

The machine came with the presser foot and needle attached - but I think I may want to swap out the needle, just in case it was inserted incorrectly - I'm such a control freak.

The most difficult thing to get right has been the foot control! The first time I pressed it, it went so fast! I've really got to try to get used to it.
So (pun intended) it might be a while before I'm whipping up dresses and skirts, but I've already mended a hold in my pyjamas, and I can't wait to get going with this! It will be good to be creative, to learn a new skill and to expand my sartorial horizons.

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