Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jesse Rosten's Fotoshop by Adobé

Outstanding satirical criticism of the beauty industry and the false dreams it sells. Like a more credible version of the the Dove evolution video. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

the fat chick works out - week 1 pledge

Bought a book this morning that I've been meaning to read for ages: The Fat Chick Works Out, by Jeanette Lynn DePatie. It's a great FA, HAES approach to beginning and keeping up an exercise program. The goals are to get you exercising moderately a couple of times a week - no marathons required. I like the healthy, no diet nonsense approach in the book so far. Actually, I stopped by here to write up my pledge so I can begin right away. I just want to get some air and blow the cobwebs off.

So, my pledge (slightly amended from the original)

I pledge my commitment to putting forth my very best efforts to follow the fat chick works out program. I understand the MASSIVE number of BENEFITS that exercise will offer me. I am willing to work the program one day and one exercise at a time. I choose not to panic. I choose not to rush ahead. For the next 12 weeks I choose to believe I am okay the way I am. I accept my current size and my current athletic abilities as simple facts, like my height or the color of my eyes. I choose not to torment myself by comparing myself to others or holding myself up to external standards of health, fitness or beauty. For the next 12 weeks, I choose to believe that I can be healthy and happy just as I am. I promise to move joyfully forward one simple step at a time. And I choose to celebrate each and every step, no matter how tiny, as it moves me towards my goal. 
So the plan is quite basic:

  1. workout 3-5 times a week
  2. workout at an intensity and duration that feels right for you 
  3. when you feel up to more of a challenge, increase one parameter of your workouts by 10% per week. 
The key seems to be starting at a low intensity, not overdoing it, celebrating every step you take, and anticipating and dealing with roadblock/setbacks. 

So even though I'm sick today, I'm feeling better than I did yesterday, and I really do want to get some air. So now it's off to wrap up and take a little walk around the block. Oh, and I've got my red lipstick on :)

My specific pledge:
I will exercise for 15 minutes at a 5-6 on the exertion scale 3 times a week on: Friday, Sunday, Wednesday (this will have to change in a few weeks when my teaching schedule kicks in)

Monday, January 2, 2012

musings on makeup

Makeup. I'm sitting at my desk, after a shower, thinking about what to wear today and if I should put makeup on. I know what I want to wear, some cozy but elegant lounge clothes, but I only have cozy but scruffy lounge clothes. Oh well. I've spent the past wek or son in full makeup most days. Primer, foundation, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow (usually at least 2 shades on the eye at any one time) liner, mascara, brows filled in, lipstick, blusher, contouring powder, and sometimes even facepowder too. I can't be bothered to wear all of this today. I sorta want to do the 'newyearresolutionbeperfect' thing and go barefaced, drink loads of water and detox, but it's too much of a transition to go from all that makeup to a bare face. So maybe a light foundation, mascara, and lip balm might be in order today.
I consider myself lucky that I have this option. I know people who HAVE to have the full face on every day. They can't leave the house without it, for various reasons - and part of me wonders if they put on the full face even if they stay indoors all day. See, I like makeup, I think it's fun and I really like how I look with it on. But I'm also ok with going out without any makeup on at all. Let me qualify: going to the supermarket, running to the shop, running into town, clothes shopping etc., meeeting my sister all ok. But I find it very difficult to wear no makeup to work. Then, at the very least, it's foundation & mascara, but I manage to leave the house and take the bus without any of it on, and then apply it once I get there :) I don't know why this is really. Maybe because people expect to see me look a certain way, and any deviation from that is weird. On some occasions, when I've been 'caught' by my colleagues before putting makeup on, they've asked me if I was feeling ok, that I looked different, tired etc. But I also feel that I couldn't wear a full face of makeup to work, even if I felt that I wanted to, because it's such a conservative work environment, where women wear very little make up, if any at all. Some days I feel with my bare foundation and mascara routine that I'm one of the most made up people there!
Another thing of mine with wearing makeup is that I'm a little lazy - sometimes I just can't be bothered doing the whole face thing, but other times I can spend hours playing with it.
Bottom line: it's not essential for me to have a full face on. I LOVE how I look with a full face, but I'm also very happy wth how I look with my regular routine of foundation and mascara, and I don't feel pressure to mask myself on a daily basis.